Nov 27, 2013

Etisalat grand launch G-TIDE G-PAD 4 tablet in Egypt on Oct 31. In coming weeks a series advertisement and campaign will announce in top 5 newspaper and FM. In last 4 years, Etisalat , together with G-TiDE, continuously launch mobile phones promotion to local users. From 2013, expand co-operation from mobile phones to tablet.

“G-TIDE currently is Top 3 largest in terms of mobile device market share in Egypt”, G-TIDE CEO Jeffery Wu said, “With the introduction of G-pad series, G-TIDE further strengthen  its position in the smart device category. We are targeting to sell 50000 units of G-pad 4 in Egypt”

"Our strategic partnership with MediaTek Inc. has provided us with high performance, integrated, customised and reliable information communications solutions, which has significantly shortened our time-to-market, enhanced our product competitiveness, and also bring a better overall user experience," said Jeffery.

Photo - Launch of G-TIDE G-PAD 4, ETISALAT announce a big campaign on top 5 newspaper and FM channels which cover all over the Egypt.