Standard Organization of Nigeria, and Marketing Association visited G-TIDE

Nov 28, 2013


       28 Nov.-2013, SON, Standard Organization of Nigeria, and Marketing Association, totally 6 persons grand visited our Chinese Company Z.T.S International Industrial Co. Ltd(G-TIDE) and manufactory.Sales director Mr Pan, on behalf of G-TIDE, warmly welcome SON and marketing association to G-TIDE.

    In the afternoon, Mr. Pan present a detailed introduction about G-TIDE’s scale and state of development to standard Organization of Nigeria, SON and marketing association. In the accompany with Mr Pan, standard Organization of Nigeria and marketing association visit and inspect G-TIDE’s  modernization factory and assembly workshop, packing workshop and laboratory, especially attention on quality control process. Mr. Pan emphasized that, G-TIDE factory is ISO9001:2008 certificate approved, with leading mobile communication terminal research & development and production capacity, also, equipped with advanced multi-functional laboratory and all kinds of high-end testing machine equipment, meanwhile have established a complete quality management system.

    During this visit, Standard Organization of Nigeria SON and Marketing Association give high recognition  on G-TIDE in terms of overall strength, Product Quality Control and Company management concept &business strategy.

    Through this visit process, it shows G-TIDE BRAND to Standard Organization of Nigeria SON and Marketing Association, which having a big significance to improve the recognition and trust of G-TIDE brand image and products.